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The Monty Hall Problem Hurt My Pride
Have you ever had one of those days when you swore up and down that you knew in your gut that something was right, but the world was against you, well I just had one of those days.  One of my work buds brought up the movie "21" about these punk kids from MIT who decided to try to bring the "man" down in casinos, or something like that (never saw it). Anyway this movie goes on to explain (horribly... [read more]
[Mar 03 2018 04:20:00]
OMG tmux how have I ever lived without you!
How the **** I have I never heard of/used "tmux" on a Linux box?  I mean seriously, they had me at Control + B --> D.  For those like me who had never heard of "tmux" it is a NECESSITY if you ever run any long running (or even short running) scripts that require you to be connected to a SSH session. Let's pretend that you are upgrading a very important application on your server and this upgrade... [read more]
[Mar 21 2017 22:17:00]
Why I Hate/Love Free Support - I'm looking at you Piwik!
Who doesn't like free? Of course as the age old adage goes, you get what you pay for and Piwik is no different. Piwik is an analytical platform for log analysis and real time (semi) user tracking via web service calls. All in all the product is decent. We are running a local version of their software and performing log analysis only. We (meaning me) ran into problems during a few different ... [read more]
[Mar 07 2017 18:37:00]
There's an Nginx on my Pi and that's how I like it!
The Raspberry Pi is just awesome.  It is perhaps one of the best CHEAP well made computers out there, especially with the model 3 available now.  However there is one HUGE problem... what the heck am I going to do with this thing once the it loses its shimmer and shine (genies divine - yea you know what I'm talking about parents)?  There are so many cool projects out there that can be done like ... [read more]
[Feb 01 2017 05:18:00]
Raspberry Pi Prompting User for Lighting an LED
Project 1 - Prompting a user to light up an LED Welcome back kinder!  Today I spend a few hours playing with the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi 2.  I really didn't know what to expect, so I bought a kit from Sunfounder.  The instructions as everyone else mentioned stink so I just tossed them aside and googled everything.  The kit itself is good with the exception of their labeling...there is ... [read more]
[Dec 31 2015 06:39:00]
A Pi is Born!
Merry Christmas, I'm Back!!! This Christmas I received a wonderful present - a Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B) via CanaKit.  Time to kick the tires! First impressions: I can't believe how easy it was to set this up using the CanaKit. This kit came preloaded with an 8g micro sd card with NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software - essentially a super easy installer for Rasbian OS).  I plugged in the HDMI ... [read more]
[Dec 26 2015 05:59:00]
JW Player, Security and EdgeCast
Hello kinder,I'm currently doing some work with a company that wants to stream their media. Their site does not have that kind of bandwidth nor do they have the storage space so the next best solution was to outsource. They did trials with a few companies and won out. One of the criteria for choosing a streaming media company is security of files so that any 'Joe sixpack' or... [read more]
[Dec 02 2008 04:52:00]
Things I Hate About JAVA
It's ranting time and I am officially enclosing this whole blog in a big fat rant tag:<rant>First off I'm not an über java programmer so coming from other languages I've picked up a thing or two about how I would expect languages to be programmed based on convenience and consistency. I'll keep this short and only hit my major gripes:Why Java is EVIL:Bad plugin implementation - how many times ... [read more]
[Mar 31 2008 03:31:00]
IE 7 + Flash 8 ExternalInterface = BUGTASTIC!
<rant>GRRRRR BROWSER INCOMPATIBILITIES!!!!</rant>For the past few nights I have been working on and off with a very simple (or what should have been simple) Flash => JavaScript => Flash application. The plan was to use swfobject to embed a flash movie within a form and make the submit button flash. Then after validating the form when the flash button was clicked a sound would play (don't ask - ... [read more]
[Mar 14 2008 04:36:00]
Cryptography samples for dummies (RSA/DSA)
Over this past year I had the pleasure (read - angst, woe, terror) of trying to figure out how to use java cryptography. At the time we were running Luminis 3.3 (we still are, but hopefully not for much longer) and we were in the process of implementing GMail for our school which would tie into Luminis authentication. In short (I'll save the gory details for another time) we decided to use SAML... [read more]
[Jan 03 2008 04:44:00]
Help Help My Shortcut's Repressed!
Well here is another quirky thing that happened on the way to the getting work done. My friend was using Windows XP sp2 when he suddenly noticed he could not right click on the desktop and create a new shortcut. Google searches returned nothing for a fix on this, so I resorted to some trickery to try to find out what was actually launching the shortcut wizard. I fired up Spy++ (included with ... [read more]
[Aug 29 2007 02:57:00]
CryptoAPI is not available - I'm boned!
I currently use Symantec PCAnywhere (10.5) on Windows XP (SP2, however this problem occurred on SP1 as well) to manage various servers. However we also use the Novell client on our work machines. What do these two have in common? Well it means that the sys admins can push junk to your machine without your knowledge. In this case I rebooted my machine today and something was pushed to my ... [read more]
[Jun 29 2007 17:55:00]
Hootie Rules!!!
Well I'm in the midst of a Sungard Higher Ed conference in Las Vegas now and I have to give props to SCT for putting on a concert with Hootie and the Blowfish. Prior to their arrival on stage was a comedian Frank Caliendo who was awesome! He had actor voices down perfectly. I would highly recommend seeing him if you get a chance. Now back to Hootie. They played a good mix of their new and ... [read more]
[Mar 21 2007 06:28:00]
Cairngorm, good to the last drop, or just a drop in the bucket of other frameworks
Well tonight I, along with my comrade in arms Brian, braved the wintery weather of NYC to go to a Flex conference hosted by the New York Flex User Group. This was my first visit to the group and I am fairly new to flex so I thought that this would be a great opportunity to see what others are really doing with flex. Tonight's topic: Moving to Cairngorm, by Michal Glowacki. Right off the bat ... [read more]
[Feb 16 2007 04:28:00]
Windows XPSP2 and SQL Server 2000 - Evil?
<rant>XP SP2 IS EVIL - read more to find out why<rant>I knew there was a reason why I held off on upgrading to SP2 on XP. I know sp2 has been out for many months, but I knew that it was evil when I first upgraded my home machine months ago and it fried it (BSOD - had to do full reinstall). So naturally I was apprehensive when it came time to upgrade a desktop at work (we are being forced to ... [read more]
[Jan 11 2007 19:02:00]
SQL Server 2000 Massive Transaction Log Fix
Ahhh the sweet smell of a full hard drive - isn't wonderful, NOT (think Borat). Ok so today I was checking out a computer running SQL Server 2000 when I noticed that an application was throwing errors that the disk was full. I took a look and sure enough it was! I knew this box was getting low on space for a while, but I ignored it (not a production box, just a test). I tried to clean up ... [read more]
[Jan 07 2007 06:42:00]
MythTV Part II - Getting the remote to work
I love ravioli. What does that have to do with getting a remote to work within MythTV on CentOS - absolutely nothing, but it was really good for dinner tonight! Whew I feel better, now on with the show!Getting my Hauppauge IR Blaster (aka remote) that came with my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 to work has been the bane of my existance since my last MythTV post. When I first started, I saw that Jarod... [read more]
[Jan 03 2007 05:21:00]
MythTV - just a myth or a reality for the Linux neophyte
<rant>Rant #1 - I have to start this off with 'WHY ME, WHY ME, OH THE HUMANITY!' Why you ask - well barring the fact that this is now 2:30 am, I have been attempting to get MythTV running on my CentOS Linux box for the past 4 hours. I have to hand it to Microsoft and Windows application developers, at least when they need a dependency they either include it or provide a direct link to it (well ... [read more]
[Dec 11 2006 07:14:00]
What did we learn today kinder - Flex!
Well here we go again - nothing like midnightish programming. Today in webdev, we watched an Adobe Flex presentation on Flex Data Services. It had some really promising ideas (webcasts/chat rooms/games potentially). I had not had a chance to dive into Flex development yet so I thought this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - learning Flex and integrating Flex with ... [read more]
[Nov 29 2006 05:11:00]
Java CFX and Jar Hell
While this topic may not come up all that often, it came up recently for me. I started to play around with building Java CFX tags for ColdFusion to add in some functionality. While I could have just invoked the java code within CF, I chose to try learning how to build a CFX tag. So first off I went with the absolute basic - the Hello World Application:import com.allaire.cfx.*;public class ... [read more]
[Nov 21 2006 06:17:00]
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